User Conduct Guidelines:

Responsible behavior is expected from all users. We encourage users to exercise common sense and act ethically. If you feel you can’t adhere to these principles, you may want to consider using a different platform to support independent content or promote your web series. We commend your honest self-reflection in this regard.

As mentioned earlier, you are accountable for all activities on your account. We reserve the right to terminate your account for various reasons, including but not limited to:

  1. Illegal Activities: Engaging in illegal activities or encouraging others to do so is strictly prohibited.
  2. Abuse: We maintain a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, bullying, or promoting violence or hatred towards others. Our community is diverse, but we have clear boundaries against abusive behavior.
  3. Personal Information: Do not distribute or misuse others’ personal information. Creators with access to supporters’ personal information must use it exclusively for purposes related to Courtney McManaway.
  4. Fraud: Posting false or misleading information is unacceptable.
  5. Impersonation: Impersonating others or allowing the use of your account by someone else is not allowed.
  6. Username Squatting: Creating an account solely to prevent others from using a name or to sell it is discouraged.
  7. Intellectual Property: Respect others’ intellectual property rights and avoid infringement.
  8. Spam: Do not spam others or distribute unsolicited advertising material.
  9. Malware: Hosting or distributing malicious or destructive software is prohibited.
  10. Endorsement: Claiming endorsement by Courtney McManaway without prior written approval is not allowed.
  11. Service Degradation: Do not hinder others’ use of Courtney McManaway. If you encounter behavior that violates these rules, report it instead of degrading the user responsible.
  12. Data Mining: Avoid crawling, scraping, or indexing information on Courtney McManaway without prior permission.
  13. Reward Sharing: Supporters should not share supporter-only content without permission from the creator, as it impacts the livelihood of independent artists.
  14. Reverse Engineering: Do not attempt to deconstruct Courtney McManaway. Privacy is important, even for small audience-building platforms.

These guidelines aren’t exhaustive, as the internet presents various challenges. Should you discover new ways to disrupt Courtney McManaway or our community, we may take action to prevent such disruptions.

For Creators:

Creators can set up Enrich on show pages they own, allowing fans to support them through monthly payments or one-time donations. Creators appoint us to collect and process payments on their behalf, with a 5% fee deducted from their support. Creators are responsible for any taxes resulting from the payments they receive.

To become a creator, submit your web series to Courtney McManaway for a show page. Admins of show pages are considered creators. If this doesn’t apply to you, submit your show to Courtney McManaway. For tier supporters, charges are made at the start of each month.

As for tax payments, we don’t handle most taxes but collect tax identification information as required by law. Creators should report taxes independently.

We prohibit certain content and rewards, such as explicit sexual or violent acts, nudity, use of chance-based rewards, or use of others’ intellectual property without permission.

We also recommend best practices for additional guidance and inspiration.

For Supporters:

Support comes in two forms: recurring monthly payments or one-time donations. Monthly subscription charges are immediate, while the payment is processed at the start of each month after the initial selection.

Supporters may cancel monthly support at any time. Depending on your location, banks may charge a 3% foreign transaction fee, which we don’t control.

If located in the EU, VAT is added to the total charge.

Refunds may be granted at our discretion in exceptional circumstances.

In certain situations, access to supporter-only content and rewards may be lost. This can occur when canceling monthly support, payment method failures, creator actions, or account deletions. We do not issue refunds for unreceived rewards and encourage reporting suspicious creator pages to improve the platform.