Cookie Policy

Understanding Cookies and Their Use

Cookies play a vital role in the functioning of modern websites, including They are small pieces of data that identify your computer to our servers when you visit our website. This identification helps improve your user experience, particularly by saving your login information. In essence, cookies remember you, so you don’t have to re-enter your login credentials every time you visit our site.

At, we utilize cookies to facilitate user interactions, especially when it comes to modifying or updating personal information stored in our database. These cookies maintain your login status while you make changes to your profile. The primary advantage of using cookies in this context is that they empower you, the user or member, to independently edit your information online without the need to contact a representative from

Should you opt not to accept cookies, you will find that your user or member experience is different. In such cases, without cookies, any modifications or edits to your information will necessitate communication with the support team. They will assist you in making the desired changes and ensuring your listing reflects the updated information.

It’s important to note that while cookies offer convenience, they are not mandatory for using our website. If you have privacy concerns or prefer not to have cookies enabled, you can disable them through your web browser settings. This action will prevent websites, including, from storing or accessing cookie data on your computer.

In summary, cookies serve as an essential tool to enhance your experience on They simplify the process of updating your personal information by preserving your login status. However, if you decide to reject cookies, you can still use our website, albeit with the understanding that you may need to reach out to our support staff to facilitate any changes to your listing. The choice is ultimately yours, providing flexibility and control over your online experience.